Yogic Natural Weight Loss

Yogic Natural Weight Loss program

Sculpt your body as you want. In our weight loss program, you can reach the desired body weight without strict diet or hard exercise. You will program your mind and brain to get the body you want in 45 days. Enjoy the process, have fun and own the body you want.

Wear the dress you want
Have the body you are dreaming of
Have a big smile on your face on your accomplishment
Be in control of your life and enjoy every moment of your life fully

Contents of 45day weight loss program:

Our program involves:

  • Breathing techniques you can do at your convenience
  • Hydrating your body
  • Some simple yoga stretches
  • Become conscious and aware of how your body and mind work
  • Breaking the disempowering habits
  • Simple guided meditation
  • Kundalini awakening dance
  • Programming the mind and brain for desired results

Schedule / Appointment:

After the initial private session to break the belief and habits related to the weight,we will monitor and support your progress everyday for 45 days. Please call 1(808)772-6323 or email at info@jazpresence.com for details. Also, please feel free to contact us for any questions regarding the program.


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