We have several projects this year.

  • Empowering 1000 orphans to live from the heart

We are serving and empowering our family of 1000 kids this year(who happened to be in the orphanages) to live from the heart (to vibrate in LOVE and BLISS)

We are going to serve the kids not to help; we are their humble servants. Make sure that you are from the heart in love. We are empowering them from love and joy We go there with love; with the vibration of love, joy and peace They are our family; We are one big family and we are sharing our love to the family. Our vibration and feelings affect their emotions energetically.
  • Creating non profit organizations in Japan and Hawaii to empower the local community
  • Rehabilitation of families in Tohoku, Japan

Empowering families in Fukushima – Japan to Rejuvenate and transform the body and mind through vibrational and engergy shift by healing, love & awareness

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