Stress Release and Inner Balance

Stress Release, Deep Relaxation, and inner balance session

The whole universe is Energy. We have access to that energy all the time. Once we get caught up with our mind, we will not be able to experience the flow of the energy through us all the time.

So we get in to karmic bondage, stress, psychosomatic diseases and an effortful state of being. This session will help you to open and balance your energy centers and release stress and other diseases. This way you can achieve a blissful state of being and an effortless life.


  • Stress Release
  • Insomnia
  • Anger Release
  • Recovery from Pain
  • Releasing Past Karma and Attachment
  • Recovery from Relationship Issues
  • Mind / Body Relaxation

Schedule / Appointment (Oahu, Hawaii):
The fee  is $400 per session. Duration of the session is about 1.5 – 2 hours depending on your condition. Please call 1(808)772-6323 or email at make an appointment. Also, please feel free to contact us for any questions.


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