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Evolution of SELF

Experiencing individual EGO and separation from others; duality.
Experiencing own reflection in others with awareness; perception is projection.
Experiencing higher self, God, Universe, and infinite potential inside.
Experiencing god or infinite potential in others; separation disappear.
Experiencing god in everything, everyone and everywhere; absolute oneness.

In Sanskrit, ATMA means SELF. Evolution of SELF is necessary because you usually identify yourself as YOU, the individual self. And you forget about that higher self which is God. Evolution of consciousness is getting to know the potential in you. In other words, it is getting to know the universe or god, which is within you, not outside of you. Knowing yourself more, recognizing and understanding your true potential, and using it to create whatever you want in your life, instead of limiting yourself with thoughts related to your own ego or own identification.


Sometimes, people say “I am a janitor” or “I am a drug addict". They don't see their unlimited potential. They just see the limited identity. Once they break through the limited identity or the limitation which is created in their mind, they will be able to see the absolute potential inside of them, or God within them, or infinite potential, or the higher power within them.



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Being pure LOVE

In Sanskrit, PREMA means LOVE. Deep inside of you, you are pure love. That's what you really are. At times, people forget about it and they identify themselves with other feelings and emotions. They make other people or situations responsible for that. Then, the drama of life begins. They fight against people or things outside of them. They do lots of things to fix the situations or people, and everything gets really complicated. After a while, something happens to them during the whole process, and they finally realize that it is all about them - They are the ones perceiving and projecting it on others - It is all happening in their consciousness. Once they have that understanding and realization that they are the pure love, and start experiencing pure love in every cell of their body, radiating and reflecting the love to the people and situation around you, and becoming the embodiment of pure love, all the chaos and problems disappear. They experience eternal pure love, they remind themselves who they are. They claim the power within themselves. They live every single moment as pure love, radiating and sharing. And the evolution of self happens.

Enjoy being the pure love, enjoy sharing love, enjoy radiating love, and live every single moment in the ecstasy of love.


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Living now with AWARENESS

In Sanskrit, PRAJNA means AWARENESS. Every one of us live in the NOW all the time. Some people are aware and some are not. If you become aware, you become a conscious choice maker. That means you will be able to choose your thoughts, speech, actions, emotions, feelings, perceptions, and experiences - you choose everything. If you are not aware, life is happening to you, things are happening to you. Somebody else is controlling your life, somebody is causing you to react or act upon something, somebody is externally influencing you and you are not the choice maker. And if you live in this way, you become powerless.

If you become completely aware and consciously choose thoughts, speech, actions, emotions, feelings, perceptions, and experiences in every moment of your life, then you can create the life you want.



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Services we offer
Evolution of SELF

Physical growth
- Lose weight
- Stop addictions and bad habits
- Stop smoking
- Stop drinking alcohol
- Stop drugs
- Take care of your body - keep yourself healthy
- Improve sexuality for better relationship

Financial growth
- Get financial freedom
- Find the work you love
- Grow your business and manage time

Being pure LOVE

Emotional growth
Getting rid of negative emotions and feelings
- Gett rid of disempowering past
- Find your soul mate (true love)
- Create wonderful relationships (marriage, partners, family, friends)
- Live in unconditional love and grace
- Improve communication skills

Living now with AWARENESS

Spiritual growth
Find the purpose of your life and contribution to the world
- Celebrate every moment of your life
- Liberation of self and be in a bliss
- Follow your intuition
- Cultivate your creativity


Hi Jaz!

Just want to say," I believe I'm heading in the right direction". The session I feel was very positive! And yes I want to see you again. I will contact you guys in a few days too confirm the date I will be in town!

Thank You so Much !

Yes, we made it home safely. We had a wonderful time in Hawaii. I'm glad that I met with Jaz. I learned so much about myself with Jaz and because of his wisdom I am much more aware. He gave me the tools to help me be less stressed. Next time I go to Hawaii I will call you to schedule an appointment with Jaz.

God bless,

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