Self Love Awareness Practitioner program

Self Love Awareness  is all about energy and vibration.
By channeling to the source of creative energy, we open the channels and allow the vibration to change.

The vibration of practitioner’s love will revive self love in each person, he / she starts vibrating love.  And body and mind go back the balanced state.

This is an intensive program to learn self/healing and healing others.

  • Change the energy and vibration of yourself and others.
  • Create health, wealth, love, peace and joy in your
  • Find your life purpose and live with excitement in the now.
  • Heal and release your past
  • Learn how to live yoga (union) in daily life.
  • Create the body you want
  • Learn to serve from the heart
  • Release the negative emotions
  • Break the unwanted habits and create new
  • Live and share love all the time
  • Release stress and negative emotions
  • Balance your chakras and create new cells in your body.
  • Increase your life force and live energetically
  • Learn to meditate and live a balanced life
  • Unlock the energy in your body and live and look young
  • Rejuvenate, Relax, Connect and have fun
  • Be the part of a community of like minded people filled with love and energy.
  • Enjoy the free support and encouragement from the family of amazing peers.


$2000 for a private training

Please email at for inquiries.




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