Open higher chakras

Sat-Chit-Ananda Training (Being Consciousness Bliss Training)

Sat-Chit-Ananda means Existence consciousness and bliss. Or being Awareness and Bliss.

In this two days workshop, you will learn the tools and techniques to unlock the bliss within you.I guarantee you that once you do this program, You will unlock the joy and bliss within you, and when you wake up in the morning and be blissful for no reason. You can hold that bliss throughout the day and experience that in anything you do.

I will give you a life long guarantee – I support you for the rest of your life to be in the state.

In this program, we open all the chakras(glands) which produce biochemicals such as Serotonin and Melatonin to  to feel joy within us. That is an experience of god.  In some places, they call it God’s chemical.  We experience the bliss within us and we share the joy and we take that joy in everything we do  throughout the day every single moment of your life.

Day 1

  • Cause and effect paradigm
  • Living as effect
  • Emotional addiction
  • Living as cause
  • Desire and fulfillment
  • Mechanics of happiness
  • Breaking the cycle of cause and effect
  • Observer consciousness
  • Meditation initiation and chakra opening
  • Human doing to having to being
  • Cleansing of five bodies
  • Transcendance
  • Experience of Ananda

Day 2

  • Deepening the practice and experience
  • Individual breakthrough sessions
  • Conscious choices and present moment awareness
  • Continuing the vibration of Ananda with awareness
  • Meditation and alignment
  • Basics of healing and self love awareness
  • Tools and techniques – ignorance to enlightenment

Please contact us at for inquiries.

$2000 for 2 day  private training


Please contact us for details.   You can also organize this training program in your area!

<What you need for the training>

Pen and Paper. Yoga mat. Please wear comfortable clothes. Avoid heavy meal before the training.

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