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Perception is Projection

What we see in others is our own projection. What we see in others is our own reflection. In NLP terms " Perception is projection". Enjoy and have fun with your own reflection.

If your past is pulling you down...

If you are creating a stress or certain negative emotions or feelings when you pay attention to the past, that is not helping you move forward in your life.

How to stop addictions and bad habits

Every single pattern or behavior of a human being has a trigger. When you are in meditative state, in a still space, the pattern or habit is not there - it’s not in action.

How to find my soul mate

Relationship is about love. Once you are in love with somebody, commitment, monogamy, and everything you want will be there.

One benefit of meditation

One benefit of meditation is to still the thought process. In deeper level of meditation, there are no thoughts. You experience absolute stillness within.

Everything exists in our consciousness

You are the creator of your own reality. You have the power to experience anything you want at any given moment..

We can create the life we want

Everyone of us are capable of living the life we want with abundance of love, wealth, health and happiness; that power and potential are within us...

Become the creator of your life

When people are not absolutely aware of what is going on with them, their thoughts, speech, actions, emotions, feelings, and experiences are not aligned.

Karma - How can you transcend karma?

In some eastern belief systems, there are 3 types of karmas.

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