Find Soul Mate

Relationship is about love. Once you are in love with somebody, commitment, monogamy, and everything you want will be there. You want to be with that person. And, that person is the reflection of who you are and it all starts from self love. Once you start loving yourself fully, and once you become the love, and you radiate it around you, people can feel and experience that. Then, people will come to you, who are the embodyment of love. They reflect who you are and you can recognize that. It’s not other way around. In usual situation, they write down what kind of person they want to be with and they are searching for that. They failed to find because they are not that. They are looking for something they are not. They will find the person, in their life, similar to who they are.

Ultimately, everyone is looking for love. People evolve from relationships to relationships, and at one point of time in their life, they fall in love with themselves, and they become the embodyment of love. The life becomes full of love, filled with love, love is always there. And you can experience it in any point of your life with anyone because you are the embodyment of love and your soul mate will be there, who is the reflection of who you are. He can reflect that love , abundance of love, radiate and share that with you. So, the journey is all about falling in love with yourself and becoming that love and radiating it from single cell of your body. Keep loving.

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