Get rid of negative emotions and feelings such as anger, sadness, frustrations, regrets, and loneliness

Getting rid of negative emotions and feelings

Do you often feel negative emotions and feelings such as anger, sadness, frustration, anxiety, loneliness and can't get out of the state? If so, you need to recognize your patterns or habits and learn how to change them.

Every single pattern or behavior a human being has a trigger. When you are in meditative state, in a still space, the pattern or behavior is not there - it’s not in action. If there is a stimulus, there is a response. If there is a trigger, you react to that. So, once you start identifying yourself with the pattern and become concrete, and you have an opportunity to identify yourself with different pattern all the time, instead of identifying yourself as an addict to that pattern.

For example, someone cuts you off when you are driving, you get angry. That is one pattern. You identify yourself in that, and you keep doing that. Once you create the awareness, you can change whenever the trigger fires. You can have a different reaction. And it becomes easy to change the patterns that you think you have. In fact, it is not there. It is there only when a trigger fires. So, make sure that you create different responses for different situations. And have that awareness.




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Evolution of SELF

Physical growth
- Lose weight
- Stop addictions and bad habits
- Stop smoking
- Stop drinking alcohol
- Stop drugs
- Take care of your body - keep yourself healthy
- Improve sexuality for better relationship

Financial growth
- Get financial freedom
- Find the work you love
- Grow your business and manage time

Being pure LOVE

Emotional growth
Getting rid of negative emotions and feelings
- Gett rid of disempowering past
- Find your soul mate (true love)
- Create wonderful relationships (marriage, partners, family, friends)
- Live in unconditional love and grace
- Improve communication skills

Living now with AWARENESS

Spiritual growth
Find the purpose of your life and contribution to the world
- Celebrate every moment of your life
- Liberation of self and be in a bliss
- Follow your intuition
- Cultivate your creativity



Hi Jaz!

Just want to say," I believe I'm heading in the right direction". The session I feel was very positive! And yes I want to see you again. I will contact you guys in a few days too confirm the date I will be in town!

Thank You so Much !

Yes, we made it home safely. We had a wonderful time in Hawaii. I'm glad that I met with Jaz. I learned so much about myself with Jaz and because of his wisdom I am much more aware. He gave me the tools to help me be less stressed. Next time I go to Hawaii I will call you to schedule an appointment with Jaz.

God bless,

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