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About the mentor

"My vision is to empower people."

Jaz is from the South of India and has trained under different Gurus and Masters from multiple different disciplines. He started meditation at the age of 5 and he has over 18 years of experience in the field of Yoga, Meditation, Energy Healing, NLP, and Retreats. He has traveled many parts of the world teaching classes and facilitating retreats. The healing sessions and life coaching have met the needs of thousands of people around the globe. He is passionate about his programs and integrating the wisdom and practices in day-to-day life. Engineer by profession, and educated in India, he has worked in different countries and gained practical knowledge in many different facets of life. His life mission is to serve people and he does the work with unconditional love for everyone.

"My purpose of life is to increase the awareness of every person whom I get in touch with."

"It is always exciting and blissful to observe my clients accessing their infinite potential and creating the results they want in their terms. I LOVE what I do; I love mentoring and I love my clients and the people cross my path. You all are amazing and beautiful. I love you all."

"The key reason for me to do this program is that I personally used all of these tools and techniques for myself and found happiness within myself and found the source within myself which I can always access - I can experience any kind of emotions and feelings I want in my life. I can manifest any experiences I want in my life. Then, I feel absolutely 100% empowered and I am the creator of my own world. I totally experience that. And I decided to share that with the people who are open to that and who want to be empowered and who want to create their own life. I want to do this program one on one basis where I can really spend time with the people and where I can really empower the people one step at a time and purify all 7 chakras and integrate their body, mind, and spirit, as well as align their thoughts, speech, actions, emotions, and feelings which lead to the experience."

Our vision to build retreat centers in Oahu, Big Island, and Maui
We need your support! Our vision is to create non-profit retreat centers in Hawaii where people can experience the existence of higher consciousness and become physical, emotional, and, spiritual, and financial well-beings. We need your support to accomplish this. Please contact us to be a part of building the retreat centers in Hawaii.


Yes we made it back safely with all 7 suitcases filled with shopping. We like to stimulate the Hawaiian economy what can I say :).

Had a fantastic time and it has and still taking me a while to get out of holiday mode.

Jaz...... WOW..... Awesome......Amazing I could go on.

I have to say he was not what I expected which I actually mentioned to him. Jaz taught me some amazing stuff. Simple and real methods to visualisation and manifesting. He cleared up any questions I had and explained everything in such a way that I understood exactly what I had to do. Having met Jaz I know wish that I had met him on the first day we arrived and not a few days before we had to leave. He has an energy about him that I wished I could have spent more time with him. He has so much knowledge and I could quiet easily spend many many days picking his brain and learning everything I can.

I am finally working on my new vision board as my computer died shorty after we arrived home. I now have a new one which thanks to what I learnt from Jaz got an amazing deal saving me $400 on a new 15 inch MacBook Pro :) :) :) :)

I am so looking forward to all my manifestation. I have adopted a 'go big or go home' attitude so my vision board is being filled with lots of big ticket items and positive affirmations. Can't wait till it all starts to arrive.

My next trip to Hawaii, my first stop will be an appointment with Jaz.

Maybe you should consider sending him to Australia ???

Looking forward to organising some Skype or phone sessions with Jaz in the near future.

Thank you for being the website that I was drawn to when I began doing my research on getting an energy healing while in Hawaii.

Meeting Jaz and having the 2 sessions with him that I did I walked away feeling like I just had an Aha moment.



Hi Jaz!

Just want to say," I believe I'm heading in the right direction". The session I feel was very positive! And yes I want to see you again. I will contact you guys in a few days too confirm the date I will be in town!

Thank You so Much !

Yes, we made it home safely. We had a wonderful time in Hawaii. I'm glad that I met with Jaz. I learned so much about myself with Jaz and because of his wisdom I am much more aware. He gave me the tools to help me be less stressed. Next time I go to Hawaii I will call you to schedule an appointment with Jaz.

God bless,


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